Rectification station

The i.d. 150 mm distillation column was built at UCT Prague in 2002. It was used mainly for academic research. In 2016 it underwent a complete reconstruction. Nowadays the pilot-plant rectification station designed for the measurements of the hydraulic and mass-transfer characteristics of random and structured packings is available for the academic research and the commercial measurements. The station is equipped with an electrically heated rebolier with the maximal power output of 250 kW.

The DN300 and DN150 stainless steel rectification columns can be used for the measurements under the pressure from 10 to 200 kPa. Both the columns, designed for the packed bed of maximal height of 3 m, are equipped with the openings enabling the measurement of the concentration profiles along the column. The DN300 column is designed to be operated under the total reflux conditions only, whilst the DN150 column can be operated either under the total reflux conditions or in the feed-distillate/waste regime.

The column is equipped with 8-channel IR spectrometer which enables the online measurement of the concentration in liquid and/or vapor along the column.