We are preparing for the next distillation campaign

The #30 (summer 2019) experimental campaign will collect composition profiles along the packed bed of our i.d. 300 mm (R300) column distilling cyclohexane/n-heptane mixture under the pressures of 33 kPa, 101 kPa and 180 kPa. The packed bed consists of 12 elements of Mellapak 452.Y packing, we have recently increased number of the sampling points from six to ten. We are proudly awaiting the results, which will be worldwide unique!  Many thanks to Prof. Dali Šnita for the manufacture of the sampling points parts during Continue reading →

Hattrick at 24h scooter race

The professors and students from our faculty attended again the 24h scooter competition. Thanks to Martin, who got the team together and motivated all of us, we were able to travel 301 rounds (481.6 km), ascend more than 6 km and won third time a row despite the cold and rainy weather.  Thanks belong to the former student Michal and his friend Štika, newcomer  Jakub and especially to Tomáš for a great job and complete devotion to the victory.  

Master theses finalized

Last week, our students in their time race successfully finished the master theses and now prepare for the final exams in the first week of June. Congratulations and good luck to Daniela, Eliška, Veronika, Filip, Jan and Willi.